Today I talked with Barrett and Lori L. Lake. Barret and I chatted over Gmail and I asked her advice on publishing and publishers. Barrett is known to cut through all the gobblygook in my head and give me a reality check. As I was talking to her about what different publishers offer, she told me that's not what I should be thinking about; what I should be thinking about is whether or not my manuscript fits their submission guidelines. She is always patient with my questions (and I have many!) and my concerns. Actually, she  must think I'm manic or something because she often ends our conversations by saying "deep breath." 

I had emailed Lori Lake and she offered to call me. She said when talking publishing there is too much to cover to do it via email, and boy was she right. She was a wealth of information! We discussed the major publishers and many of the smaller presses, how books are formatted from paperback to ebook, the price of publishing paper backs, and whether royalties are paid on the cover price or the net price. She shared her wisdom on writing and editing and I found that we were like-minded regarding many of the issues that arise for writers and editors. We had a great talk. She mentioned pros and cons. She was honest and straightforward, and very easy to talk to. 

Over the next few days I will allow this ocean of information to ebb and flow inside the tiny nutshell I call my brain. During that few days I will read over my beta readers notes and finalize my manuscript. Then I will make my final decision.

Stay tuned!

4/23/2013 11:37:45 am

Best of luck my friend! I can't wait to see you published!


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