Okay, Peeps...here goes. For those of you who are following my blog I know you're just DYING to find out what's going on with my manuscript. So, while I was at the GCLS Texas Conference I found out that Regal Crest was interested in publishing my manuscript. About a week later I received the contract in the mail. I had learned a few things at the GCLS about what to look for in a contract so I had given this a lot of thought. To make a long story short, I decided against it. 
Last night and the night before I prepared my manuscript according to Sapphire's submission requirements. There was a lot to do: write an author bio, a cover letter including specific information, I already had a synopsis written, but they also wanted a story summary. After attending to those details, checking and double checking everything I sent it off today. Now we wait...again, lol. I will keep you posted.

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